I once heard a saying similar to this “If Satan knows he can’t destroy you, he will try to distract you”. Sometimes as Christians we can get into a routine, we think the world cannot destroy us because we have Christ-which is true, however when we are distracted it can keep us from living the lives God intended us to have. If every evening we come home and watch television rather than read our bible for example, it is keeping us from growing in Christ. Does it mean television is bad? No, but it does mean that we are distracting ourselves from God and his word. If we are not surrendering daily how can we expect God to grow us? Every day we must be intentional and on guard from the enemy because ultimately his motive is and always will be to seek, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

“If we are not surrendering daily how can we expect God to grow us?”

There are so many things that can sway our focus. The following are a few questions we can ask ourselves to make sure we are staying right with God no matter what may get in the way.

Do you find yourself getting distracted easily? You set forth on one path and the next thing you know your mind has wandered off in 5 million directions before you even head out the door. Spouses, Kids, taking care of the house, work, appointments, shopping, the list goes on. Try to pinpoint those distractions that keep you from doing more for the Lord. If we are not putting him first in our lives how can we keep becoming the wives, moms, grandparents, and women God created us to be? Memorizing scripture is a sure fire way to combat veering thoughts. Whenever your mind starts to wonder or worry or sidetrack, the best defense is God’s word.

Do the highlights of your distractions often seem to be yourself? It is all to easy to put our own wants and needs above God’s. We may not “feel” like reading our bible, or going to church or even just praying. Relationships take work. We wouldn’t be nurturing or growing in our relationship with our spouse if everyday after he comes home from work we simply acknowledge each others presence and go about our own activities. You communicate, you go on dates and do things you enjoy together to create closeness. You do life together and are each other’s best friend. That relationship is exactly what God wants from us. One of the reasons he created the example of marriage in the first place. God wants us to focus on him. To make the effort to have a deep meaningful relationship with us. Prayer for example is how we talk and communicate with God. If we are unfocused in our prayer lives we will be missing out on developing that closeness with him. What are some ways you can incorporate some of your favorite things to bring Glory to God? To put him first rather than ourselves?

Last but not least, do you put things off? I know I sure am guilty-a bit of a procrastinator. We get tired, lazy or simply with good intentions decide it will be better to do at a later time. All throughout the book of Jonah we see Jonah struggling with God’s will. He kept running. We don’t want to run. We want to stand strong and live our lives to glorify honor and serve him. Our lives are too short to put things off. We are blessed with today-we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Is there anything you have been putting off? Ask yourself what can I do for Christ today rather than put off till later. Think of some goals/ways to serve, whether big or small and start today.

So many things can keep us preoccupied. Let’s just make sure we are keeping the most important thing-Jesus-first!



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