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Our Father

Everyday since Mother’s Day my oldest daughter “T” has been asking me “Mom, is it Father’s Day yet”? (LOL) and with the same reply each time I say, “No hunny, not yet” until yesterday my answer changed to this Sunday. She was ecstatic. Then she said something that at first took me slightly of guard and then in the next moment made me proud of her and questioning my own outlook. “Mama”, she asked, “Can we bake a cake for Daddy and Jesus for Father’s Day”? I thought to myself for a minute “What an odd thing for her to say”. Then in the next second some of our past conversations had come to mind. She had previously questioned how God could be her father when she already has Daddy and whether or not her dad was actually her step dad ( I love how their minds work as they try to figure out this crazy life!). I had explained to her how God is her heavenly father and daddy is her earthly father and so on. After putting the two together I realized she must have truly understood what I had taught her. Proud mom moment!

Father’s day is a special day to remind us what we should be doing all year, loving and appreciating our father’s and our husbands for everything they do and have done for us. Sad to say up until my daughter’s comment, I don’t believe I have ever once thought about God and Father’s day in the same regard. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I refer to God as my “Father” all the time; in prayer, conversation and writing but for some reason something felt off. It was so uncomplicated for “T”. Jesus said…

Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”-Matthew 18:3 (NIV)

As adults we have a tendency to speculate, doubt and question everything. It is easy to see God more as an authoritative figure rather than a loving father who genuinely loves and cares about you unconditionally. God is our father. We are his children. It “really” is that simple and “T” got it. For those who didn’t have a father growing up or a great relationship with their earthly father it is more difficult to understand when you haven’t experienced it. If your a mom, just think about how much you love your children. You would do anything for them. You hurt when they hurt. You are joyful when they are full of happiness. You love them-unconditionally and that is the same way God views us but on a far greater scale then we could ever imagine, just as we tell our children “I love you more than you could ever know”.

This Father’s Day let us commemorate our father’s and our husbands but let us not forget to thank God for being the greatest father of all and remember him first and foremost in our celebrations not only on Sunday but everyday of the year!


Thank you so much for loving us, caring for us, disciplining us and being our Heavenly Father. Thank you you for sending your son. For allowing us to have a relationship with you in which we are able to come to you at anytime, talk to you anytime and know you will never ever leave us nor forsake us. Please bless, protect and give wisdom to the father’s and husbands in our lives. Help them to serve and honor you father. Please give them the knowledge, patience, grace and mercy to father their children as you do each one of us. Help them to take up there role as you intended and not as the world says it should be. Protect each one of them from the enemy, father. Help us as daughters and wives be an encouragement and support to them and to honor them according to your word. In Jesus name we pray.




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