The Girl Behind the Blog

As far back as I can remember I have loved to write. I had vast aspirations of one day becoming a published author-there’s still hope ;). Growing up I would play around with words, writing poetry, songs and coming up with my own short stories. As I got older writing turned into something less playful and more therapeutic. The end of middle school, all throughout high school and into adulthood I had struggled with an eating disorder. Writing was a way of sorting through the many thoughts in my mind. It was as though the moment the words were on paper, their power to torment me was lost. It is still a daily struggle-mentally, however by God’s grace and unconditional love, I have learned to cope in healthy God honoring ways and have learned to put him before myself. Fast forward a few years and writing is still therapeutic but it is once again enjoyable.

I am now married to my high school sweetheart of going on 10 years and married for 7. He has been my rock through thick and thin. I could not ask for a better man, best friend and earthly example of God’s love. We have two beautiful daughters. Through them God has entirely changed my heart and with that comes the inspiration of this blog. To not only teach them but to help other women know their true worth and value. That whatever your going through big or small-God sees. To be an encouragement and to remind you how beautiful God made you. It’s not a cliche. God did make you beautiful and he created you for a purpose only you can fulfill-you only need to let him. True loving, True living is a motto we adopted to simply remind us to love like Christ loves and to live as he lived, glorifying, honoring and serving him in all we do, no matter how big or small.

On another note, our youngest daughter was diagnosed with several severe food allergies as soon as she was able to eat solids. It was terrifying and still to this day always keeps us on edge anytime we are in public, whether it be a restaurant, friend or even a family members house, knowing the wrong thing going into her mouth could be her last is unsettling to say the least. My husband and I are always coming up with new ways for her to have the privilege of eating foods the same foods as anyone who does not have food allergies, therefore I have included a section for recipes that are designated to be allergy free of milk, eggs, and all nuts ( you can always swap gluten free/wheat free flour for those with wheat allergies as well). Hoping and praying some of these recipes may help parents and family with the same fears give a little bit of peace of mind and new ideas! They are all little girl approved! 🙂

I pray this blog will help at least one sister to learn of her true worth and value in Christ. I am far from perfect. I wish I did but I don’t have it all together-no matter how hard I try. I love the Lord with all my heart and am still learning how to live out “True loving, True living”. I will be real and share my heart and my struggles in the hopes that someone who may have the same will be encouraged. Please don’t judge too harshly. Keep comments kind.

xoxo ❤

Colleen Marie